Although the brilliant work of ceramic artist Laurie Steer raises thought-provoking questions, it’s most definitely inbued with his offbeat humour and world view.


Introducing Special Studio, the Tauranga-based studio using 3D printing to help save the planet.


A recipe fresh and fragrant finger food recipe from Pepper & Me's new cookbook, Keepers.

Exploring holiday spots in our beautiful region.


This irresistible and delicious recipe from Pepper & Me's new cookbook, Keepers. This baked cheesecake is sure to be the star of any dinner party.

Latest Featured

The Wrong Side of History?

The Tauranga Heritage Collection is a massive, fascinating array of artefacts that would be on display in our museum, if we had one.

Korero with Kelcy

Artist and educator, Kelcy Taratoa weaves history, culture and modern-day themes through his artwork. And if you go to one of his exhibitions, he might just ask you all about it.

Force of Nature

Taking time to connect with nature is one of the best things we can do for our own wellbeing, and for our kids.

Hot Spot

Our neighbouring city has loads of outdoor gems to experience, from hot pools and geothermal parks (many are free!) to glorious lakes and forests. So make like a tourist and hotfoot it to Rotorua.

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