Photo essay

What’s Wrong With Me?!

For anyone who relies on a daily caffeine hit for stimulation of
the central nervous system, here’s a collection of circumstances dedicated to you and the side effects of coffee deprivation.

Barney had a solution to what was a bad hair day.
However, the theory was tested prior to his usual morning short black.
Shinji thought he would skip his customary morning flat white before a routine surf check.
Ashlee was excited about going to the beach before breakfast but battled internally with her dislike of getting wet.
The lack of caffeine inhibited her ability to deal with the circumstances appropriately.
Adam's impulsive decision to get on top of the laundry before his habitual
cappuccino meant he quickly lost track of the task at hand.

All models wear Rains

Published in issue 21 of Our Place magazine.

Photography by Cab Creative
Art Direction by Christopher Duffy