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Flavours Aplenty

Indulge in culinary surprises at the Flavours of Plenty Festival! Returning for its third year from 4–14 April 2024, the festival offers nearly 50 unique foodie experiences, from unexpected pairings such as “A Dark Night”, a Mount Brewing Co. beer and Spongedrop dessert collision; to several mixology masterclasses. From a Southeast Asian banquet at Lantern to the Filipino Boodle Fight, an authentic Filipino feast at The Pizza Library, there’s something for every palate. Don’t miss the free community markets and The Food Bowl of Plenty Exhibition at Western Bay Museum or the seven-hour mystery bus tour through the Eastern Bay of Plenty and much more. The festival celebrates the region’s vibrant food scene, offering a delectable adventure for all. Hurry, tickets are disappearing fast!

Head to flavoursofplentyfestival.com to find out more and buy tickets.