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We know there’s an overload of workout posts right now, but we’ve now seen what it’s like to be in close proximity to the fridge 24/7 and it ain’t pretty. Gyms, trainers, yogis are all quickly changing how they do things. UBX Training now offers member its We Fight As One home training programme, with workout plans and nutritional guide, plus live Zoom workouts and access to the app dubbed, Train.

Thanks to the UBX Head Office team we were able to quickly transition into our “isolation phase,”

says Kieren Macgregor, owner of UBX Mount Maunganui. The isolation phase is focused on delivering a high quality Home Training Programs. The programs will provide members with engagement and accountability during isolation and they have been designed to provide the best possible solution for at-home training. Programs include:

- 6 Day Workout Plan

- Challenger Time Trial

- Mindset Guidance

- Nutrition Guide

- A digital fight card for members to track their progress

During this time, member communication will be crucial to ensure that our community remains connected and engaged with their coaches, despite physical distance. To tackle this, we will:

- continually post updates on our members' Facebook group

- introduce LIVE video workouts via ZOOM

- conduct video call catch ups with members

For more info check out the UBX website